Hopefully this is okay by the mods-I'm not trying to sell anything on or with my site, but thought the model identifier could be of interest to Homegrown fans. For the backstory on what happened to the site:

To recap, this nice little hack occurred, which allowed anyone to brute-force their way to control a site once they knew it was running Drupal. The site was compromised, and I didn't have a backup that was old enough to predate the hack, so I had to take everything down. There's no likely risk that user information was compromised-it's pretty well encrypted and salted.

Now if you're a site member you have a redundant private message and an email that just went out.

Lots of members have changed email addresses, so let me know if you can't log in/reset your password or if you don't get the notification email within the next hour or so. The site's definitely still a little rough but I wanted to get the model identifier out there. Still cleaning up the forums, appearance, detailed bike descriptions, and re-adding PDFs.