• 01-20-2013
    southern kettle riders ???
    :???::madman::madman: see the a$$ clowns couldn't figure out 45 and sun on frost makes mudd .... way to raise a big middle finger to the trail crew who busts there but so you can ride out there.....
  • 01-21-2013
    Our local trail is closed from Dec 1 till April 1 because of them. I hope that doesn't happen there.
  • 01-21-2013
    They're everywhere.
    Really annoying, especially since we've had plenty of good frozen-ground riding this year.
  • 03-21-2013
    Just thinking about how long before the SUKMSF MTB trails will be open. In years past they are usually open by 4/15 at the latest. This year with the extended forecast looking cold and not very spring like add to that a pretty heavy snow cover its going to be a much later opening this year. The Nordic ski trails are still being rated as very good, so there is that and my road bike.