• 12-09-2012
    NEWT (North East Wisconsin Trails) IMBA Chapter Formation
    With the biking season mostly over, (fat bikers say hey!), hopefully now is a good time to try to bring people together again, get some traction on an IMBA Chapter for North East Wisconsin. We are looking for commitment from people for board appointments, commitments from people to take ownership of some actions items, and get NEWT (North East Wisconsin Trails), the IMBA chapter for North East Wisconsin launched.

    Can you be part of this effort? Will you step up and help get this thing off the ground?

    Where: Gallagher's Pizza, 2655 West Mason Street Green Bay, WI 54303 (920) 499-9918.
    When: Wednesday, December 12th, 7:00 pm

    • Review NEWT chapter proposal
    • Review NEWT Chapter structure, a) IMBA requirements, b) multiple clubs under one chapter (sub committees), dealing with joint vs. segregated assets and monies.
    • Review advantages of going into this together, cost sharing, man power, chapter sustainability, networking,
    • Open discussion, brainstorm, address concerns.
    • Nominees / volunteers for chapter officers
    • Tasks / owners / due dates
    • General discussion
    • Next meeting date/time

    The members of NEW KRANKS hope you can attend, and be an important part of this new Chapter, and be an important part of a new era of organization and cooperation to bring more, well built, well maintained trails to North East Wisconsin.

    Please pass this on to other interested parties, and invite anyone you know who would be interested in being involved in this effort.