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    Streets of Akron, OH

    So... I want to go down 2 different roads in Akron.

    1: Smith Road - Steep long down hill that "T"s a cross road at the bottom of a hill. At the bottom is not only a stop light and cross traffic, but an active railroad crossing too.

    I was thinking that I would do this on a road bike with disc brakes... problem is I don't have a road bike with disc brakes, only 26" & 29er mountain bikes with disc brakes. My 700c has V Brakes.

    2: Cadillac Hill (By St. V-M High School - aka - Lebron Jame's alma mater.) This is a short road that is about 40' long. It's brick and so steep that the city uses bricks only. The bricks are off set by about an inch so that every other row is up or down.

    I was thinking that I'd just get some speed and go down it with my 29er.

    Should I do anything else? Use some other bike?
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    Get a demo bike from your lbs and try it.
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    Hey hardwarz,

    I'm in Akron, too.

    For Smith Road, I'd just use the road bike. I have a 'cross bike with V brakes and I go down all the hills in the valley without problems. Just be careful over those railroad tracks! As for Cadillac Hill, definitely use the 29er. I was in a car that went down that hill once (thankfully, not my car) and it rattled the you-know-what out of me.

    If you're interested, check out Oak Hill Road, over by Riverview and Wheatley, just past the covered bridge. I use that as a training hill going up. Nasty. Also try Boston Mills Road (right next to the ski hill) for a fun downhill.

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    I would recommend not riding on Smith. In addition to the hazards you mentioned, there's an awful lot of traffic. Another one you might want to try is the northern part of Oak Hill road in the valley. The bottom section is too steep for asphalt.

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    Akron & Summit County rides

    I realize this is an old post, but I was researching Cadillac Hill and came across this site. I am a (wanna-be) Summit County historian (google "History of Akron & Summit County.") Much of what I have learned came from the saddle of a bike as I was growing up. For much of my life I got lazy and drove, but am now starting to bike again.
    Cadillac Hill!?!? You have bigger stones than I do.
    May I offer these suggestions too?
    Eastland hill, Eastland Rd about a half mile northeast of Market in Akron. Long steep grade and room for a run out.
    Also, I grew up not far from Virginia Kendall Park. I found that if you get up as much speed as you can going down the first hill, (going west on Turxell/Virginia Kendall Rd., from State Rd./Akron Cleveland Rd.) you can coast, sometimes slowly, sometimes very fast, for the next 2.25 miles till you get to Akron Peninsula Rd. A really fun ride.

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