Have you always wanted to get sponsored, but never knew how? Maybe you are already sponsored, but you are looking for a different team because none of your team group buys ever happened like they were supposed to. Maybe you want to race, but feel that you need better support for yourself at races . . . Well, if either of those explain you, submit a resume to the Racing Greyhounds for the 2008 race season!

WHAT?! Submit a resume for the 2008 race season? The 2007 isn't even done yet, right?

Well, this is true, but the Racing Greyhounds are looking to expand our team for the 2008 race season, and get our sponsors organized waaaaaaaaay before the last minute. (In case you haven't met me, I am disturbingly compulsive obsessive, and like everything to be well laid out months ahead of time.) For the 2008 race season we already have Cycle to Fitness, KHS Bicycles, and Beat the Train lined up as our major team sponsors, and we have some other sweet ones in the works. If you want to race for a team with real benefits, that will give you real results, come race with the Greyhounds in 2008.

This is why you want to be a Greyhound. . .

#1-We give our team real support at all of the MMBA races. If you've been to an MMBA race this year and seen the KHS tent out at the races, then you know what we are all about. When you race for the Greyhounds, we try to give all of our weekend warriors the pro level experience. This includes food at all the races, and a fully stocked workshop at all the races we are at.

#2-We offer weekly training rides for all of our riders, as well as tracked training. Do you ever wonder how you can win? Look at your training log and see if you are meeting your goals for the year! Not only do we offer tracked training, but when you race with a team, you get a great bunch of riders to ride with all year 'round!

#3-Discounts. I know, I know, everyone wants the hookup. Trust me, the Racing Greyhounds have the hookup. We have multiple bike buy and parts buys throughout the year to make sure you get the parts you want at a price you can afford. I am very confident when I say that we have some of the best deals on bikes and parts for our team members, and for our team members only! Not only do we have great deals on parts and bikes, we also offer free service to all team members, as well as access to the Cycle to Fitness shop area for all team members. SCHWING!

If those 3 reasons are not enough to wet your palate for the race season next year, keep in mind that we also have multiple social events and exclusive training races for our team members throughout the year. Did you go to the Maybury Time Trail a few weeks ago? Probably not, unless you were a Greyhound! fun Fun FUN! Join the Greyhounds to join the one of the premier bike race teams in Michigan!

Now, what are we looking for?

We are looking for all skill levels of riders. If you've raced 1 race or 100 races, we are looking for you! We want racers who:

#1-Are hard workers, that are dedicated to biking
#2-Will commit to race at least 5 races in the 2008 season
#3-Are involved in the community and will commit to at least 2 community service events throughout the season

If that explains you, then come race with us! Don't shy away if you are a newer rider, we are the team to help you grow. If you are a beginner level rider, you are the ideal rider who is looking for a great group of people to support you at the races, and this is what the Greyhounds offer. If you are a Sport or Expert level rider, you have the experience to push the limits of our training rides, as well as the race knowledge to teach other team members. The Racing Greyhounds want all riders to be a part of one of the most progressive race teams in the Michigan bike racing scene!

Click this link ( www.cycletofitness.com/race ) to go to our website to submit your resume, or just e-mail your race resume to daniel@cycletofitness.com. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me, or shoot me an e-mail and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.

Now the fine print. . .Application deadline is December 1st, 2007. If you are interested in road racing, sign up too! We will have a road race team as well!

See you at the races!