I know we have a few Michigan residents who are mtbr members but not on mmba (or don't frequent there as much as here)... so here is asking for help from those.

Some of the destruction is easy to see: a tree stripped of its bark, dirt mounds of varying heights, markings of different colors spray-painted on tree trunks.

Other damage -- barren dirt hillsides and exposed tree roots -- is more difficult to spot and almost looks natural along the makeshift mountain bike trail in a wooded area of Sterling Heights' Jaycees Park, which is part of the Clinton River Park system.

"We need to fix this problem before it gets any worse," said Sterling Heights Police Sgt. Aaron Burgess.

The bike patrol officer and other mountain bikers are trading their wheels for wheelbarrows Sunday to improve the trail's worst 2.5-mile section and address erosion problems, many caused by young people turning parts of the path into a BMX track.

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If you're local and your day is free, help is needed to work on this trail...

mmba.org's request for local help