Triple Trail

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  • 09-16-2012
    Triple Trail
    Anyone ride Triple Trail yesterday? I thought the trail was in great shape due in part to the rain the day before. A really fun, and challenging ride. Last year, I thought the trail was 44 miles long, this year I checked it at 37 miles. Was my computer wrong? How was the ride for everyone else?
  • 09-16-2012
    I could have passed on the horsetrail (Lakeland) but I guess it was all part of the experience. All in all great ride, my legs were pretty smoked afterwards
  • 10-03-2012
    I had 38.5 with a Garmin Edge 500 and wheel sensor. My first time doing this ride, and I had a lot of fun. Lakeland kinda sucked, but it's no worse than the Polly Ann trail or the grassy fields of some other trails.
  • 12-24-2012
    I think I would have clocked around 37 miles, but my bud left his helmet in the car. We ended up just ove 41 after going back to get his helmet. I think we ended up taking the short cut that goes past Island Lake in the south part of the route. But yes, the Lakeland trail almost killed me, and the muddy glue like road that followed was not any better. All in all, I had an awesome time for my first ride longer than 18 miles. I followed up with the Massive Fallout ride in October, and the weather was the worst. 50 and light rain. I think we rode 30 miles before calling it quits, but the group that organized the ride were great. plenty of food and snacks offered, and a place to warm up mid ride.
  • 01-21-2013
    There is a Spring Triple Trail event happening, this is an unofficial, casual, self-supported event on May 18 with a rain date of June 22. Poto, Brighton and Island Lake, returning to Poto for BBQ. Approx 85 miles. Check back for details at