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    Southeast Michigan Detroit Metro Mountain Biking MTB Trail Review - Hickory Glen Park

    I'm relatively new to my area. I've found that info/directions/reviews on local trails isn't all that easy to comeby so I've decided to start making a video series on local trails here in Southeast Michigan - Detroit Metro area.

    Here's the first one...

    (I suggest viewing it on the youtube page and expanding the resolution a bit - make sure you have the text bubbles on)

    I'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions...

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    Singletracks and MMBA have good reviews, and info on trails
    I like the video that you've included, I see you run your dog on the trail, I like dogs, but after a few run in with them, and some not so friendly it would be good to know where the legal ones are for dogs, and the ones that will ticket dog owners for not leashing their dogs (like Michigan State Parks), its nice for the dogs to run, but when they infringe on my riding its not nice, there should be a trail for dogs, and owners, to keep them off the trails that don't allow it, I hate using my precious water to keep them off of me, pepper spray can kill dogs so I don't use it, but others do.
    The dogs that have come after me, off leash, have been on state land where there is a leash law, the owners are at fault, not the dogs, maybe more info is needed, and some trails that are open to dogs, and owners that want to ride/run together, not breaking the law, and infringing on other rights to an attack free ride.
    Just after a guy told me,"these dogs don't bite", his friend went to attach the leash to the dog, and he got attacked.. there is a leash law for a reason.

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    I dig the video . . . watching it makes me miss the MI trails (VERY different from SoCal which is where I am now).

    If you haven't already (although I'm fairly certain its closed now, but maybe not) you really need to check out Lakeshore Park in Novi. Formerly known as the Tree Farm. This was "home" trail before I moved. I had the 10 mile loop down to 49 minutes at one point in time. I know that trail like the back of my hand.

    You should also venture to Poto out in Ann Arbor. Another really great trail system.

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