• 11-15-2012
    Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Mountain Biking
    This is a repost from the Fatbikes forum.

    Has anyone ever gone mountain biking or fat biking in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness in Michigan Upper Peninsula? They have designated mountain biking trails in the summer and also cross country ski trails in the winter. It would be a fun to do a Yurt to Yurt fatbiking trip this winter.

  • 11-18-2012
    I was up there camping a few years ago and took my bike. The trails I tried to find were more like a mixture of 2 track/snowmobile trails. They didn't look to bike specific trails, they were more snowmobile routes IMO. There could be others that I didn't explore. There was a cool old road that lead to the top of the old ski hill. That was a real ***** to climb but worth it at the top. I think the primo riding up that way is in Copper Harbor.
  • 11-19-2012
    and Marquette.
  • 11-21-2012
    Mr Horse
    If I understand you correctly, you're looking to fatbike in the winter?

    The park has designated XC trails that are groomed for traditional and skate skiing.

    There are a few cabins and yurts that can be accessed by the trail system. The West Vista yurt has been dimantled, unfortunately.

    The road that Killrop is referring to is the Tower (service) Road that runs in front of the chalet and runs up to the MI State Police radio tower towards the West Vista.

    We have a local IMBA chapter started (Nonesuch Mountain Bike Club) which aims to improve biking opportunities within the park. See this shameless plug: http://forums.mtbr.com/michigan/attn...ns-814109.html
  • 11-24-2012
    De La Pena
    Michigan has mountains? uhhhhh...... ok.
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    Michigan has mountains? uhhhhh...... ok.

    What a DO UCHE