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    Places to ride in western Detroit MI

    I am graduating college in a may and am considering moving to Lovinia MI for a job opportunity. I am wondering if anyone who lives in the area is familiar with any good singletrack to ride. I would also being making frequent trips to northern Ohio and Indiana (south bend) so any trails there might be an option as well. Looking for stuff within half an hour of the areas listed a above. Any feedback is helpful.

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    Lot's of good trails in that area check out MMBA, Potowatami, Novi tree farm, Highland are a few of the best in the area. I live in Toledo which has a brand new 10 mile trail in a very remote 5000 acre park called Oak openings

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    Livonia is within 30 minutes of plenty of trails to keep you busy for awhile... and another few minutes in the car gets you gnarlier / longer trails.

    Have fun exploring!


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