I am pleased to announce Knobbytiretours.com A Michigan based Tour guide and teaching service.

Half Day training sessions. Work one on one, in the field to improve and learn the proper skills, techniques, etiquette, and basic emergency trail maintenance of mountain biking. Those new to riding will find this tour enlightening and confidence building. More options available here, just ask!

Many tours and options are available, check out knobbytiretours.com for additional information.

Here is what my clients are saying:

Well, let me start off by saying that I never expected my wife to be THAT excited on the way home after we spend a half day tour with Jon.

On the way to the Trail, Jackie (my wife) was a little nervous, but I told her that I have spoken to Jon and he is aware of her prior experience at Island Lake. In other words, it was not the greatest and her self confidence has been pretty low, so most of the time when we ride together we head to Kensington for some paved riding. When I first told her about KnobbyTireTours.com and what it offered, she sounded very interested to try it out. So me and Jon set something up for today, 9/28. OK - enough for the intro and on to the good stuff....

Jon met us at 10am ON THE DOT at Addison Oaks. After a quick 'meet-n-greet' Jon went thru the basics of changing tires/fixing a flat and did a quick Demo on his bike. He continued to talk about some fundamentals in regards to body-position in different scenarios (turns, down-hill, climb etc.) which set the stage nicely for the both of us. We geared up and started out. Jon was leading, Jackie in the middle, and I was last.

In the beginning Jackie was struggling a little (due to the nervousness) but Jon was adjusting the speed and giving her constant feedback on what to do/look for. He did a great job talking her thru what she needs to look out for and how to adjust her body position to. What was amazing to me was simply to see how the right coaching and instructions raised Jackie's confidence level instantly. After short amount of time you were able to see how Jackie's riding and navigating thru the trail and obstacles became more and more controlled and "natural". She went from walking the first mayor climb, to tackling and flying right thru everything after that and finished strong, even though she made a few 'graceful exits' - as Jon positively refered to them, rather than "falling". Yup - and I bit it once as well. Smile But she is a trooper, picked her bike up, collected herself and went right on her way again. One thing she did have some trouble with were mayor "rock-patches". However, because of the coaching and encouragement by Jon, she made a good effort on 65% of them. Prior to the KnobbyTireTours she was reluctant to tackle them at all (talking about instant 180!). Towards the end Jackie got a little tired, but yet finished well.

Jon also hooked us up with some Cliff Bars and offered fruit and enegery drinks during our couple stops, and made sure that we did not get burned out too fast.

This was a great experience. The tour is very well set-up. Jon's style of coaching and the feedback he provided is top notch. No matter what the skill level of the rider is, I feel that he takes the right approach and totally adjusts the speed to make sure the rider gains the confidence needed and picks the technical difficulty of the trail to really match up with the rider skill level. On top of everything else, he is a great guy who takes pride in and enjoys what he is doing. His passion for the sport and desire to get more people involved in MTBing is second to none! The customer is definitely top priority for him!

On the way home me and Jackie agreed that we will set something else up with Jon probably within the next couple weeks so she can continue to work on her skills and raise her confidence level to the point where she feels comfortable wearing her clipless shoes again. I for myself will definitely set some one-on-one up with Jon as well.

Overall, great experience, top notch service, great bang-for-the-buck, and priceless to see your wife's progress and confidence level go up with just 1 session with a great instructor.

Jon - THANK YOU!!!