When visiting mountain bike trails out side of your local area, please help the local advocates by being respectful to the parks and the other visitors at the locations you visit. This helps the local advocates get access to build more trails. While this post is specific to some issues with mountain bikers at Brown County State Pay rk, it really applies to any location you may visit.

Please respect park rules. Each park will have different rules. Just because something is ok at your local park, does not mean that it is ok at all parks.
  • BCSP hours are 7:00AM to 11:00PM. This allows night riding until 11:00PM. Please be off the trails by 11:00PM
  • Quite Hours are 11:00PM till 7:00AM. Please be respectful of other campers by following the park hours. If you wish to stay up later, please consider camping at Welcome to eXplore Brown County

Please be respectful of park staff

  • If asked by park staff to do something, please respectfully comply. For example if you are riding after 11:00PM and the park staff ask you not to, don't be disrespectful to park staff.
  • Showers and restrooms are not intend for washing bikes. Do not take bikes into restrooms or showers. If it is that muddy, you shouldn't be riding the trails at BCSP.

Follow IMBA guidelines for trail interactions
  • Down hill riders yield to climbing riders (trails are all 2 way)
  • Yield to hikers and trail runners
  • Stay on the trail
  • Do not make changes to the trail
  • Be prepared: Know where you area going, have the tools and supplies you will need.
  • Provide assistance to others as needed.

Thanks for your support. We are currently discussing the next 12 miles of new trails at BCSP and having the support of a great user group will help in that process.

Paul Arlinghaus
President, HMBA-IMBA