New Rider in SW Mitten

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  • 09-24-2012
    New Rider in SW Mitten
    Hello all! Revisiting my hard-pack roots after a 9 year hiatus in Roadbiking. Just recently completed my service in uniform and looking to revisit the outdoors in an offload capacity - based in Kalamazoo but I enjoy travel also - live to hear from other riders in the area, Cheers!
  • 10-04-2012
    Hi, I will give you my cell number....give me a text sometime, I can show you where there are alot of trails around in the kalamazoo area, and very very good ones.
  • 12-22-2012
    Thanks for the sharing man .

    Just don't be a "wee wee" on here okay?
    Ignore Spambots, and Trolls
    I want the Angelical Civ, or Doomsday civ to get in the game(SE)
  • 12-27-2012
    Here is a simi current google map of trails in all of Michigan. MI MTB trails - Google Maps
  • 01-13-2013
    I would refer you to the following sites:

    mmba. org
    Michigan Mountain Bike Association

    bikefortcuster. com
    Bike Fort Custer (The SWMMBA)

    Lots of info on trails, conditions, and how get involved if you are so inclined.

    Edit: Sorry the links aren't embedded. Guess I'm too new here to do that.