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Solid experience. I have visited the store a few times in the past year but was never ready to pull the trigger on a bike. Regardless, the staff (especially a gentleman by the name of Ross) would spend countless hours showing me various models and answering my 101 questions. Basically, everything you would want when you're in the market for a bike. I visited other competitors in the area and found this to be the shop I wanted to deal with. They offered me lifetime adjustments, and match any lower priced bike of the same model for 90 days AFTER purchase. I found the bike I wanted on sale and Ross waived the shipping and it arrive and was assembled two days later. While picking up the bike I had some questions on various accessories and was helped out without a second thought.

OVERALL: There has been occasion when I walked in and was not greeted/attended to right away. It can be a bit of a put off especially if you have burning questions BUT stick with them they're a very competent and friendly bunch. I will be working with them in the near future and will continue to provide feedback on an on-going basis.