• 11-02-2012
    Lake Charlevoix area riding
    my father-in-law's reserved a house for his family on Lake Charlevoix next July so i'm driving out from CT with the bikes on the back, and the fishing rods up top. i'm sure i'll be social and all but i hear the riding up theres can be good so i'm not gonna pass that up. any recommendations for good riding close to the lake? thanks!
  • 11-04-2012
    MTB or Road? We have lots of great riding for both and groups to ride with if you want.
  • 11-07-2012
    trails only for this guy. technical is good. i can climb if i have to since i should be in good shape by July. most importantly, FUN. i'll keep an eye out here for anything that sounds good and maybe keep it on mental file.
  • 11-13-2012
    Boyne Mountain Ski resort has a great course. Fun and lost of big climbs. You can run the ski runs too.

    North Country Trail out and back is probably some of the best we have in Michigan. There is a trailhead just North and East of Boyne Falls.

    There is also a NCT trail head that is just North and East of Petosky (10 min from Charlevoix). This trail will kick your ars and is fun as hell.

    These 3 trails will knock your socks off.

    There is also a nice little trail in Boyne City that takes you to the top of the old ski run. You can see across the lake for miles at the top. Killer climb.

    Best thing to do is stop at one of the 2 bike shops in town. They can get you a map and point you in the right direction. That is what I did. Oh and if you come up from the south you can't miss the Potowatomi trail (just west of Ann Arbor). Its one of the best MTB loops in the midwest if not the country.
  • 11-20-2012
    I rode Boyne Mountain this year, it was pretty good, however the trails aren't marked the best. You can pay $10 to be able to ride up the lift with your bike all day which is nice.

    Next year I plan to try the North Country Trail as I'm from Canada (1hr20min away).

    If you have a passport and have time for a day trip Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada has some great biking at Hiawatha Highlands. If you have any questions about it send me a PM.
  • 11-20-2012
    toonces, when it gets closer to your trip post here or shoot me a PM. I am local and will give you the heads up on what trails are in what shape and group rides if you want company.
    There are tons of trails in this area for all and I mean all abilities. Charlevoix is on lakeMichigann and the only trails withing riding distance are paved MUP's. If you drive 1/2 hour you get many sections of the North Country Trail, Boyne Mountain and Avalanche probably 40-50 miles worth of trails. If you expand your drive to 1 hour the list grows a ton and your options will give you well over 100 miles ofsingle trackk to choose from.

    Bottom line bring your bike or you will regret it :)
  • 11-20-2012
    Hey Fred, Sorry to highjack thread, I can't send PMs yet, however I'm sure the OP could use the info too


    Saw that you said you're a local to Petoskey / Charlevoix. Any chance you know of any good singletrack in the UP near the Soo or St Ignace?

    We did Boyne Mountain this summer but should have probably done Boyne Highlands.

    Next year is there anything else you'd recommend that's close to Petoskey? Where exactly is the North Country Trailhead?
  • 11-21-2012
    Here is the ride page for my shop, its a work in progress, soon I will have all of the local trail heads and maps of the trails on there.
    No Boundaries Outdoor Store in Boyne City and Bay Harbor Michigan | services

    here is the trailhead location for the Kipp rd north section of the NCT
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