2007 Iceman Cometh Challenge:

The Michigan Youth Cycling Program would like to recognize a student athlete at the completion of the 2007 Iceman Cometh Challenge. This cyclist has made a commitment to cycling and represents the values of good Character, Courage, Goal Setting and Self-discipline through friendly competition. We recognize that racers sacrifice time, money, and energy to represent their team, family and cycling, often with little support from those outside the cycling community. The MYCP would like to recognize this hard work by awarding scholarships to a deserving individual in an effort to support their educational endeavors.
In 2007 Kids Race Sports Development Inc proud organizers of the Michigan Youth Cycling Program will award to the Fastest Male and Female 18 and under rider a scholarship for their educational endeavors. Steve Brown (Iceman) has donated 5 entries for the 2007 Iceman Cometh Challenge, to the Michigan Youth Cycling program to be auctioned off on e-bay. The entry forms will be ready for bidding on:
1. Close / Winner Keith Beochler
2. Close / Winner was Timothy Berger $182.50
3. Close / Winner Jeff Gaydash $ 202.49
4. Close / Winner Charles Barnes $127.50
5. October 7th 2007 www.ebay.com Iceman Commeth
We will auction off one entry form per Month for 5 Months, at the end of each week, the highest bidder will purchase that Months entry form.
Five riders will compete in this years 2007 Iceman Cometh Challenge, knowing that they took part, not only in the growth of a youth, but also the growth of cycling. The amount of the Scholarship will be determined by the amount we raise. 90% of proceeds from this event will be used for our Scholarship programs. If you would like to send a donation, please send Check or Money order to: KIDS RACE SPORTS DEVELOPMENT.

I would like to Congratulate past winners, each received over $250.00 in Scholarship.
2004 Winners
Ben Renkema winner of the Expert Men 15-18 $250.00
Kayla Kermode winner of the all women 12-18 $250.00
2005 Winners
Cole House winner of the Expert Men 15-18 $350.00
Rachell West winner of the all women 12-18 $350.00
2006 Winners
Cole House winner of the Expert Man 15-18 $400.00
Sarah M. Lakas winner of all women 12-18 $400.00

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Scholarship Program
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