• 09-03-2012
    First timer to Copper Harbor
    Looking to go up to the Copper Harbor area 9/28-10/1 with my wife. She's not a rider, but she is somewhat open to letting me go on a few rides.

    So, need some advice. Any lodging that would pass for decent (again think of my wife)? Maybe Houghton would be a better choice.

    What would be the 1-2 trails you'd recommend for me alone (advanced rider) and 1 for my wife and I to ride on (beginner)?

    Is there anything else for her to do in the area?
  • 09-04-2012
    For lodging: check out the Mariner North in Copper Harbor.

    For you: stop in the Keweenaw Adventure Company and pick up a map. Lots of great options, but be sure to hit the Flow.

    For the wife: touring Fort Wilkins, hiking paths, gift shops, etc.

    If you want to get her out riding, Garden Brook and Whoopidy are the best options, there is also a pebble pathway to Fort Wilkins. Other option would be to ride in Calumet at the Swedetown Trails.
  • 09-04-2012
    Thanks for the recommendations. Can't wait!
  • 09-05-2012
    I too am planning to head to CH for the first time at the end of the month. I'm looking to camp at Ft. Wilkins (not bringing the wife, so no posh accomodations needed). Does anyone out there have a favorite campsite at Ft. Wilkins? I've read that the west side of the campground is the best for tent camping.
  • 09-06-2012
    I always choose the west campground at Fort Wilkins. It's a little quieter, has a few more trees separating the sites and is a little closer to town.
  • 10-01-2012
    I just got back from Copper Harbor. What a great time! I ended up staying at the AmericInn in Calument. Nothing great, but decent and within a short ride to the Swedetown trails.

    Saturday rode the Swedetown trails, but went slow and stayed on the easy trails with my wife.

    Sunday rode the Copper Harbor trails by myself. I can see why they got their epic status. Truly awesome.

    Monday rode the Swedetown trails again by myself this time. Rode faster and on the harder trails. They are a good complement to Copper Harbor and a nice change of pace.

    Next time, the MTU trails and more Copper Harbor!
  • 10-02-2012
    Don't forget the the trails in Hancock.. The Maasto and Churning rapids trail system also. One of my favorites.
  • 10-02-2012
    I will try to hit them all! Thanks.
  • 01-31-2013
    Jason Saldana
    I am planning a trip this summer and wondering what trails I can handle? I am from Detroit area and have rode Maybury, Poto, Highland the most.
    Any suggestions?
  • 02-10-2013
    I'd just ride them all. If their are any sections your not comfortable with just walk them. The steep tech sections are really short and easily walkable if your not able to ride them. I'd say top to bottom the Red trail is the most technical and has some loose sections. Garden brook, Woopity woo and the flow all are fairly smooth and flow really well.

  • 02-19-2013
    It really depends on what kind of riding you are looking for. The KAC(Keweenaw Adventure Company) runs shuttle runs to the top of Brockway(Access to The Flow, Whoopidy Woo, The Edge, Flying Squirrel) or the Brockway Mountain Lodge(Too many trails to name). This is if you want to ride downhill, the 2012 price was 18 bucks for the day or 5 dollars per shuttle. My first time I went I sat in the van and talked with the drivers who are also riders to get a feel for what there is.

    There are also trails out in Hancock, they just finished a new one called Aunt Flow that is brilliant, lots of jumps and berms.

    There are also the Tech Trails south of Michigan Tech, there are many miles of single track for hiking, running, walking, biking. Many of the trails have stunts and features, the Tech Trails also have a series of 2 sets of dirt jumps, and a Dual Slalom course.

    Yoopers are extremely friendly, you can ask nearly anyone you see out for directions, or stop in to either "The Bike Shop" or "Downwind Sports" they are always very helpful.
  • 04-18-2013
    Do you think it's worth bringing a canoe or a boat along. Also do you know if the shuttle runs during the week ?
  • 04-20-2013
    I head up there a few times a year. If you have time, a boat of some sort is good. Boating out of C.H. or putting in on Lac La Belle and heading out to Kewenaw bay is good fun, can't beat the scenery. There are a couple of lakes closer to the point that are good for canoeing too.
  • 04-20-2013
    Heck, by the looks of it up there you may want to consider bringing your skis as well, LOL.
  • 04-20-2013
    Dude, that's just plane mean