A little O.T., but I'm about to embark on an epic week-long ski trip hitting 3 different resorts in the northern Midwest, including 2 days each at the two best: Lutsen and Mt. Bohemia. I'll be posting regular updates on my blog, http://www.gregridestrails.com, so feel free to follow along and see what kind of gnar we get to shred!

It's going to be quite the ride, especially considering that I haven't skied in about two years due to a move from Montana to Georgia. I'm banking on my 11 years of skiing experience to kick back in pretty quickly though.

PS Officially launching my personal FIRST .com address of http://www.gregridestrails.com I'm super stoked about this blog, as I have taken it to a "'hole 'nuther level" of professionalism and consistency. Hope to see you guys around the blog, and be sure to check in for frequent updates about our epic road trip!

My last time skiing Mt. Bohemia, the gnarliest resort we're hitting on our trip.