I am not a biker. never was and dont want to be. the reason i post on this site is as follows.
i was looking thru a posting on the cuyahoga valley towpath. there were some posts about hitting people with there handlebars and the such. know this ......... hit me with the handlebars and you will walk back to your car with a bike sticking out your ass!!!!!
i hear you comming behind me, and i generally run on the right side of the trail. yhere are times i cant for some reason or another. the trail is a multi purpouse trail, not your personal training course. as some have commented about "kids on huffys with training wheels weaving back and forth" being a problem. aren't they the future of your sport? why would you be upset with these kids? didnt you ride a huffy as a kid?

Look guys and gals, i respect 99% of bike riders i think the sport is cool, just not for me. BUT if you insist on being an *******, i run the towpath every weekend. if you want to try and "stick a grip in my back" or have a discussion about kids on huffys, let me know where and when. be sure to bring train fare because as i stated earlier in this post, you will be leaving with your bike in your ass.

to all the purists and good people, i am sorry you had to read this post.