Full details are up on our Axletree site, but we're doing a Fatbike race in Northern Illinois on January 26, 2014. Mark your calendars. It promises to be h-amazing.

What is BLBBRBK?
A Fatbike ride (race?) in Campton Hills, Illinois. Details on exact location will be forthcoming, as we want to keep the venue secret-ish at present. What do you need to know:
1) Bike Requirements: Fatbike. For our purposes, weíll take 29+ (that means 29◊3 or larger) and traditional 26″ fat bikes (3.7″ or wider tires). If you show up with skinnier tires, you wonít ride. (Also, see #5 below). (If you donít have access to a fatbike and want to ride, let us know. We have great local bike shops that will gladly sell you one).
2) Teams: Plan on 2 person teams, with 2 bikes per team. If you donít have a team, show up and weíll get you one.
3) Format: The race will be a few mile circuit of forest, doubletrack, single track, prairie and awesomeness. Each team will have to complete 5 consecutive laps. The final lap has to be ridden TOGETHER, and you have to be touching your partner as you cross the finish line. (Hopefully, youíll be touching in a PG fashion). But for the first 4 laps, you can ride together, you can take turns, or you can have one glutton do all first 4 laps. You will check in on each lap, at the start/finish line. Plan on laps taking 10-15 minutes.
4) Facilities: We will have a parking lot, a building with a roof, a blazing fire, and all-season toilets. We will not have running water, food or other amenities. Bring what ya need, folks. (Note: this will be on public land, so open display of alcohol is verboten).
5) Sled: You will need at least one sled for each team. You will need the sled for the Slemans start. What is a Slemans start? See the glossary below.
Expect more details in the coming weeks. For now, mark your calendars, folks. We are planning this as a snow or no snow event. (If thereís no snow, the sledding part will be interesting).
Lemaze: A breathing method for women in labor.
Lemond: A famous cyclist who is loved/hated.
Lemans: A famous automobile race, wherein the drivers start the race by running to their cars, hopping in, and roaring off. This type of start has been adapted to bicycle racing by having riders run to their bikes, hop on, and ride off.
Slemans: A bicycle race starting technique where you sled down a steep hill, get on your bicycle, and then ride your bicycle up said steep hill to start the race.