A good friend of mine had his 2008 Trek EX9 stolen on Thursday in Columbus, IN. If you hear or see anything about one for sale, please let me know and I will get the info to my friend (He does not have email). It was stolen from in front of a church that he was doing electrical work on, so there is a special place in hell reserved for this guy.

The EX9 is the 5" travel full suspension bike. It is all white with mostly XT components on it and a Fox Float fork. About the only thing on it that was not stock was that it had Eggbeaters on it. He stopped by the church for just a minute and it was gone, so it was most likely not a pro job, but a crime of opportunity, so I am betting some scumbag will try to unload it quickly.

You can PM me or email me at fetterer@sbcglobal.net