Just want to give a shout out to Macomb Bike and Fitness for the great buying experience. I went in looking for a Superfly FS6. Eric at the shop set up a Superfly 8 and a Fuel 7 to test ride (what they had in stock).

After being surprised by the wife to "get what you want" I was now faced with making a decision about 2 bikes that I hadn't done research on. A Superfly 8 vs. Fuel 7. Eric spent a lot of time going over the specs of both bikes. And even recommending a step up to the Fuel 8 since the price difference was so little.

We felt no pressure the whole time. I honestly felt like he was just trying to get me into the best bike for my riding style and price range.

A little over an hour later, I was the happy owner of a Fuel EX8. Order placed and just now waiting for shipping and the build.

I would recommend them to anyone. Well done.