Sept. 22, 23, 24

Brought to you by: PAMBA, CORBA, KMBC, FORC

Dudes and Hotties....this year's fest looks to be a goodie!!! We have the usual events: DH and MTX on Saturday...along with group rides, huffy toss, and other fun events. XC races with the crowning of the series champions on Sunday and the crowd favorite KIDS' RACE!! But....*drum roll please*...this year a new event will be introduced. We will be having a NIGHT RIDE POKER RUN!!! This event will kick off at about 8:30 p.m. on Friday night Sept. 22nd. Each person or team, at the start line, will be given one card and a map with clues where to find the other 4 cards (and adult beverages for those so inclined) somewhere in the park. The ride will conclude at a yet to be announced area, where there will be movies under the stars and a tailgate bar!! There will be a chance to find a "wild card" somewhere in the park and the first person or team to the finish with their five cards will get a prize, along with the top 5 hands.

Hope to see lot's of our friends there!!! visit for more info!!