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    Ride spots near Baton Rouge?

    So my cousin just picked up some apparently nice Specialized or another (he has no clue what it is, poor fella) from his friend for cheap. He feels like a tool and a poser for riding his nice shiny expensive mountain bike to class every day and not riding in the woods.

    I told him I'd do some research for him. So what's good near Baton Rouge? Thanks
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    Comite and Hooper are definitely a good ride.

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    Homochitto NF near Natchez isn't too far away and has one of the best trail systems in the southeast in my opinion. Probably just over an hour drive

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    As said already the comite river trail is our areas best riding trail out here. There is also hopper road park, but that trail doesn't get nearly the use that comite does, therefore it's a bit more tricky to ride. You can take a ride out towards new Orleans and ride the local trail out their way, 5 miles of single track w lots of switchbacks and areas to gain some speed. There is 'the beast' trail out in st. fransisville, if you are looking for a real challenge. About 2 hour drive you can ride at clear springs Mississippi where they have 3 nice trails. Or there is Brookhaven mississippi about 2 hours away also. If you wanna drive a bit further you can go into alexandria and ride the lake Kincaid trail (which are my favorite to ride), nice open trails full of pine trees, rolling hills and great camp grounds also! Tell him to look up bramba.or g and he should find local rides

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    Like others have said, Hooper and Comite are the only two official trails that are known and they're both in the northern portion of the parish. There are some neighborhoods that have trails behind them and if you ask around you may be able to find one. (there's one behind my neighborhood and it's pretty fun).

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