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    Riding in W. Mich this weekend?

    Just wondering what the trails in West Michigan might be like after all the rain.
    Will Cannonsburg SGA or Luton Park be dried out enough by Saturday afternoon, or even Sunday? What about Ft. Custer? I don't want to ruin the trails by riding on them if they are soft. Any feed back would be appreciated.

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    I rode Poto today very little water, lots of trees down, branches on the ground, and some face slappers.. Happy Trails
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    Hmm... Maybe a road trip to the east is in order this weekend.

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    Rode Brighton Rec today, just Murray Lake. Trail is great, but the sand is a pita. Very dry though, which was surprising. Ft. Custer wasn't bad either, rode that yesterday.

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    A very good place wet or dry....Fall is the best

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