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    Pontiac Lake Recreation Area

    Man had an awesome time hitting this trail today...despite the 90+ temps! I just started riding mtb in April and live in the UP. I'm down here through the 6th and feel lucky to be so close to this trail. Its a bit over 10 miles and has some great hills, and really cool burms and roller coaster type descents. "I'm on my way" to getting in shape so it took me about 1:15 to finish and I was pretty tired, so much for a 2nd lap! I'm fairly inexperienced but I felt by keeping it kinda slow there weren't any real areas that could bite me. I did have to walk up a portion of a hill at the end because I picked a bad line but other than that I've been riding decent hills on the road and woods around home so not too bad.

    Great time...I plan to take at least 1 lap a day Sun/Mon/Tues. Very cool trail! I said I'm new to riding mtb, but this sure seems like a great trail

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    Thank the Michigan Mountain Bike Association, there are pleny of great trails in the Detroit Metro area,, 1hr/15 is not a bad time, the Elite riders do Pontiac in 40 min or less, just giving you something to shoot for..LOL!! Its good to have a lake to jump in with this weather, here is a map with the trails, or go to,11.755371&z=7
    Potawami in Pinkney/Hell is my favorite, but to each his/her own, there are many.. glad you're enjoying our trails, someday I'd like to get up and enjoy your trails in the UP
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    Ran into a couple going the wrong way on the trail today...little surprise, was in a bad spot!!! Knocked that time down several minutes but let's put it this way...I certainly don't pass anybody I've really enjoyed this trail though...I like the burms and "roller coaster" effect-pretty cool! I think tomorrow I'm riding it twice and then heading back home to the UP on Wednesday. Feel real lucky to have found this trail and I can't wait to come back down and ride it again...

    Thanks to the folks that make this trail happen...really appreciate it!

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