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    Marquette Mountain trails


    Does anyone know if the trails around Marquette Mountain are open?

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    The trails on the benson grade are open and in great shape. Marquette mountain still has alot of snow on it. It will be a few more weeks. Stop in the quick stop bike shop for some more trail tips.

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    I biked at South Marquette Mountain last Saturday and Sunday. Was up for NMU graduation and it was my first visit to the trails. The yellow and blue trails were completely snow free and dry. I did the yellow trail on Sunday. On Saturday, I made the mistake of riding up the Benson Grade. It was dry, but then I tried the red trail and it was 80% snow covered. Same with parts of the green trail. The main roads on top of the mountain were rideable, but with some snow. As mentioned above, probably a few more weeks until the top of the mountian is clear.

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    I rode today. The green and red are probably fine with a little snow but no mud. When I hit the Red/Green to Greywalls, I started running into mud. Felt pretty bad riding it between on my new bike and screwing up the trail worse then it already was. Like already mentioned, yellow and red are good to go.

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