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    High Country Pathway

    I am planning on doing a couple day bike trip in May, any info or tips on the HCP would be great. Thanks

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    I did a weekend trip to the HCP in June of '08 and I can humbly say that my entire group underestimated the riding, but that's another story. I got maps and information from the website below which I used to plan our route, camp and stops. I know there several people associated with the MMBA ( that would be more knowledgeable about the HCP then me. It was a great trail but I just underestimated it - and I paid for it mostly with my pride. I found that sections of the NCT fit my riding style much better than the HCP did. But it was a very impressive trail system. Good luck with your trip, should be fun.

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    first weekend in june a bunch of people will be going up and doing 50 and 80 mile loops on the HCP.

    here is the thread for this year's ride...

    i did 30 of it last summer and it was the coolest ride i have ever been on! working on getting in shape for the fun 50. saw a blur of an elk last year too

    here are some pics from last year

    this dude did two laps of the 80 mile loop...


    view from the top of rattlesnake
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