Hey everybody,

Figured I'd open the question up to the F88 crowd... anybody spent time traveling in Mexico? I'm desperately in need of a good 10-14 day vacation somewhere I haven't been, and I've always wanted to check out Mexico.

My original thought was going at it alone, backpacking, and taking my time. But I know almost nothing about traveling in Mexico (hence the question), including how easy it is to get around, find rooms on the spot, etc. So then I thought about taking a package tour, something like this...


... but that kinda goes against my freewheeling travel sensability (I'd prefer the freedom and flexability to go at my own pace). If anyone knows of a particularly worthwhile/trustworthy travel company that offers packages in Mexico, I'm all ears.

So if anyone's done a backpacking trip through Mexico I'd LOVE to hear your input.

FWIW, I'm also interested in Mexico/Central/South America due to the favorable exhange rate/cost of travel. I'm looking to spend under $1500, and I'm not averse to hosteling and other low-frills accomidations. I'm also considering Belize (which I've heard is amazing), and other Central/South American destinations. All suggestions/locations are welcome.

Thanks in advance for any information.