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    Muddy Chiluca.... x-post with Titus :)

    I posted the pics at:

    2nd ride report on Moto Lite

    (I edited out some things regarding my Moto Lite, otherwise, the post is untouched).

    Everyday I get out riding brings something new. Today was my second day on my Moto Lite. I'm more impressed with the bike and build.

    Went again to Chiluca in Mexico. I think that since its muddy season, it's becoming not a very good idea to ride here, or maybe in the trails leading to 'Espiritu Santo'. And another, I tried to joint two different groups I ride with, also not a good idea, since both are at different levels.

    We first tried to go down through a road called 'Tierra Roja', wich may be Red Soil, but after our brief encounter, it may be 'Red Mud'. It was pretty sticky, and a friend got his tires covered in mud so fast that his rear wheel didn't spin. So we had to go back and try another road. My Michelins didn't pick that much mud, but it was really like going through slime or something that we prefered to go back and try the Eses downhill.

    After getting to the bottom, we had two options: 1. head through a fireroad to Espiritu Santo, not too exiting, but safe, and 2. head through the woods to Espiritu Santo. Guess what we did? Yep, option number 2, not too good idea.

    Tried to do some singletracks, but really, the road was muddy and felt like going through a medieval moat. The bike felt as good as expected on this slippery road. The tires shed mud nicely. Almost at the end of a section, I saw what seemed the last moat. So, I felt that I could just take some momentum and get through it. Ooops! I rode fast to get there, but as soon as both wheels went in, the bike and I sunk! I think that almost only the handlebar and stem were out of the water! Eeeek! I think I'll have to take the bike to check the hubs and BB for water Anyway, it was fun.

    After getting my sorry and wet butt out of there, we decided to continue... but after about 100 yards we decided that the rest singletracks were going to be as dry as this one. So we went back through another singletrack that was on higher ground and, thankfully, DRY!

    After crossing the river, we went through some fireroads until we got back to the Eses. My last time, I mistook and tried to climb using my biggest front chainring and biggest back chainring.. dumb of me, duh. Now I put special attention and the bike climbs better than my Stumpjumper. It was nice that I could firm up the ProPeddal settings and lower the front fork travel to 100.

    After a short while, we got back to the car and back to his house to clean the bikes, and after some after bike chores chit chat I headed back home, took a shower and decided to write this

    I'm attaching the pics in new threads

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    Thanks for the pics.

    Hey, to paraphrase a great man, "If you're not swimming, you're not mountain biking".

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    Roberto, if it's any consolation we didn't had a great day either.

    Two flats (one for Adrian and one for Rene) and my chain snapped. It even lost a complete plate off a link. Fortunately I had some spare links in my gear. Unfortunately, I had not an spare crankset as mine just died. Chain skipping on all the three rings.

    Yeah, it was muddy as hell. Motos have done lots of trail damages. Some parts are closed and this is good.

    I was running more pressure than usual in my tires to make them cut thru the mud, and they did except in the stickier parts... but unfortunately we didn't catched as much mud as I thought and my stiff fork/tire combo avoided me to enjoy some descents. On the wide roads from Espiritu Santo to "Las Eses" we hit some scary speeds (34mph on road - 27mph Off-road)... but again, it was more fright than enjoyment.

    I registered around 28 miles in my computer. Just taking to the trailhead from home is 10-11 miles (make a note, Tiger!). Oscar took me home, so at the end of the day it would have been close to 39 miles. Considering all the shortcuts we took, a normal riding day for either Adrian, Rene or me should be around 45 miles. I hadn't realized about it until I installed the computer this weekend.

    I'll post pics later on the day. Just a couple. Mud got us entertained while riding.
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    Ok, some pics....

    Here's some pics...

    1.- Matt, you're loosing this
    2.- Warp wrenching in the middle of the forest
    3.- Mushroom taken by Adrian with a fully-auto camera ("there's not much you can do with a fully automatical camera" just to quote Adrian)
    4.- This is what you see when leaving Espiritu Santo town... back to the woods!!
    5.- Everything seems a bit better once you can relax and have a beer... ready to pound again!
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    One more....

    1.- "I'm glad you're home, Dad!!"
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    Smile tocayito!


    How are you tocayito ?!!!

    Nice nice!

    Saludos del tio tocayo
    Restless And Wild.

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