Reverb on a Durance?

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  • 01-18-2013
    Reverb on a Durance?
    Too slack to get a good saddle angle? Or fine?

    Got fed up with my Speedball, and getting fed up with a KS i900 too, cos well... They're not very reliable!

    Anyone any pointers?
  • 01-19-2013
    see maverick gallery
    someone here had one on an ml8, so it should be fine for the durance - check the gallery.
  • 01-21-2013
    OK seen a couple of pics of one on an ML8 (cheers Ragetty), but the Durance seat angle is definitely slacker.

    Very tempted to swap it for an ML8 frame actually as I know of a couple going very cheaply! Hmmmm...

    Anyone any more help/info/advice for me on my Durance?
  • 01-22-2013
    One of my friend has one on his Durance, fits well, but be careful sometime doesn't enter enough in the tubes for Medium frame (if you are lower than 1.75m)