New New Year Parts!

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  • 12-22-2012
    Ethan F
    New New Year Parts!
    Hello all,
    It has been a very busy year for me. Thanks for all the support and help.
    We helped a lot of you keep your Mavericks on the trail, and why not, they still hang with the newest plastic& glued goodies out there!

    We have just taken delivery of our new TSS 32mm wiper seal. These are an updated version of the the "blue" seal.
    Now back in black, the TSS seal is a more durable and lower friction wiper seal.

    The "blue" seal suffered from premature outside exposure cracking, this was caused from the blue color which caused "cross linking" problems in the rubber mixture.
    The new one should also handle a variety of oils better as well as higher pressure in rear shocks.

    Give us a call or e-mail at
    We'll be installing these on all overhauls from now on.

    Thanks again everyone!

  • 12-23-2012
    oh yes!
  • 12-23-2012
    just out of stock ... sounds good !!!