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    Help with year/shock model/air volumes for this Maverick

    I am tuning this Maverick up, and thought it was pre 2004, but maybe not. Mainly, I am trying to find the right air volume chart for the shock as well as the specific model name. I had what I thought was the right chart, but at 40 psi the shock felt like it needed tons more air. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!Help with year/shock model/air volumes for this Maverick-img_1812.jpgHelp with year/shock model/air volumes for this Maverick-img_1815.jpg

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    The model is the ML7, and since the shock body is the machined aluminum version and the monolink is the original magnesium version I am going to guess that you are looking at a production date during 2001 or 2002.

    Check the head tube badge to see if it is etched there, and there should also be the "name" of the frame. All early Mavericks had a name in lieu of a serial number.

    Beautiful bike.

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