• 12-14-2012
    Jon Richard
    DUC 32 fork decal dimensions
    I'm asking a friend to make a set of decals and I am guessing at the size. If anyone could tell me the height of the script for the DUC32 in the block style font it would be a big help.

  • 12-15-2012
    Jon Richard
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    This is the DUC32 logo I'm refering to, I'm just unsure what size the originals were-
  • 12-16-2012
    i just measured on my own fork - no idea what the font size is, but the whole logo measures approx. 13.5mm high by 111mm long ...
  • 12-17-2012
    Jon Richard
    Once again the Maverick forum gives support, thank you ragetty! I'll post pics in a few days.
  • 01-18-2013
    Jon Richard
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    The ones I had made ended up being 19mm tall, I really think having these makes a substantial difference in the look.

    If anyone is interested I have more. I have some in white that any color can be applied to the arrow as well.