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    ( Dr Frankenstein ) > 'It's alive, its alive ITS ALIVE ' ! ! ! !

    4 months later , with numerous starts , stops, and delays my new old stock , Large ML8 hard ano frame set & reconditioned DUC32 has been turned into a bad a** trail thug.

    WILD BILL ROUSSEL : My Pro-Am bad ass racing buddy who is big into Sea Otter Classic, He owns the local so Oregon MTB bike shuttle and hosts the 2 large MTB races here in Ashland , He put my Mav together for me , just before I took off he had me sit up on the bike while he gauged sag and pumped 185lbs into the ass end, he had me bounce evenly up and down on the bike while he held it to get the front and back to go in unison then off I went up to the top.

    I rode it yesterday for the 1st time from the top - drop off point at 6000ft on Mnt Ashland down to the bottom 17 miles and here is what I think of it > DAM THIS B***H GIVES SOME AWESOME LAP DANCE , lol

    NOTE: I am just an intermediate rider at best and so I cant give You all a real eval like a balzy DH'er or Pro-Am racer but here is my weekender / hamburgers evaluation.

    BASELINE: The only 'real' bike I have been on all day is a 2013 Specialized FSR Carbon Expert so my depth of comparisons is obviously limited.

    LOOKS: G string after 6 months of Pilates class, this bike get's > " sweet ride" comments from guys even the ones on Special S-works Carbons that's how nice these Mav's look. You find guys on the street following my Bronco with this thing hanging off the back rack just staring at it and wondering > " why don't I habe one of these "

    If You have ever owned a Ducati motorcycle You will know what I mean lol.

    CLIMB: Oh ya , yup , we are now climbing like Billy da goat smokin da meth ( 3x9 - X 7), I can climb like an HT.

    XC: Dooo dee doo do dee dum de dum, just cruizin along, plush at 80 spins per .

    SINGLE TRACK : Very very nimble without being sketchy , I can change lines instantly / intuitively.

    ROCK GARDENS- RUTS- JUTS- WHOPDI'S - SHAZAM HOLES - RRRR = RAGGED ROCKY RUFF ROAD : Its a bit early to speak to much on this bike when it's on west coast rocky 'fast' ST stuff as the 1st run I am experimenting with DUC set up, right now it was VERY stiff on the small micro whoop-di-doo rain bull dozer bumps , so stiff that it was going thru the handle bars right into my bain.

    OOPS : When I installed new rubber I set the bead and forgot to lower the front tire pressure back down and so I was on about 90psi up front ! I stopped and with no gauge got it down to a 'stiff flex' then took off again , but the DUC needs to be softened up for the kind of small constant bumps on this mountain.

    OVER ALL FEEL: Solid, quick, nimble, light, agile, capable > basically beyond my ability to really wring it out and test it. Not one single noise from this bike, all I can hear is wind whistling thru my helmet that is how solid it is = s-w-e-e-t

    NEXT: Play with the DUC setting to match the mountain, play with front tire psi to get those small bumps from jarring my teeth out.


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    PICS OR !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt-MonoLinkrijder View Post
    PICS OR !!!
    ( snotty British accent ) > I say old boy, no need for the outdoor voice and all that bloody acronym rot .

    Mite I direct Your attention to the last page of 'Show Your Maverick' .

    Link inserted for the graphically-userface challenged .

    I shall now borrow Your rejoinder and ad


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