Name: Bashful
DOB: May 31 2005
Mileage: 5000 miles

I have religiously been keeping a mileage log on my bikes using my Polar HRM/Computer and my ML-8, Bashful, just passed the 5000 mileage mark. That's an average of 1300+ miles per year (2000+ kilometers) since I acquired it (see below). Not my only bike, but the one I ride probably 80% of the time.

I purchased the bike in November 2006 as a shop demo from a shop in Portland which had gone under and it had approximately 200 miles. Of the original bike, only the main frame, headset (!), mono-link link, seat lamp and stem remain. The rear triangle was replaced (under warranty, thanks Maverick) after the shock body sprang a leak. All the other components were replaced / upgraded as they wore out / broke / etc.

From the Maverick bits perspective, besides the rear triangle problem, I rebuilt the fork two or three time (rebuilt the headset each time too), changed the rear shock to the '08 model, changed the suspension bushing once and replaced the decals. Today it is in need of a little bit of TLC: I just rebuild the fork yesterday, the shock has lost pretty much all rebound (I have the rebuilt kit... just need the time), the monolink bushings have some play (need to order them from Maverick).

The hard anodize finish is pretty good as the main frame is scratch (and ding) free. But most of the sensitive areas have been covered by transparent tape from day one.

Anyway, it's ready for another 5000 miles...

The current built is as follow:
2005 ML-8 Frame (Medium)
DUC32 front fork
Formula The One brakes (200mm front, 160 rear)
Shimano XTR trigger shifters
SRAM chain (I love their quick link, I just take the cheapest I can find as I change it 2 or 3 times a year).
Shimano XTR 970 cranckset
Shimano XTR 970 rapid rise rear derailleur
Shimano RD773 (?) front derailleur
Bontragger Race X lite rims
Sapim CX-Ray spokes
Bontragger Maverick front hub
DT-Swiss 240 rear hub
Shimano XTR 970 rear cassette
Specialized Eskar S-Works tire
Stan yellow tape with home make sealant
Egg beater twin Ti pedals
Easton Monkey Lite SL EC90 bars
Easton EC90 seatpost
Fizik Gobi seat

Anyways, here are a few pictures.