Well, I'm on a one day mission.

Some of the older members carp on me plenty because I never push memberships, and, this morning I was sent by our Exec director a list of all the folks who were once, but are no longer Pioneer valley Chapter NEMBA members.

Man, I hate asking or discussing memberships at all. So I'll just do this just once this year.-and I'm doing it right here (though I did just send out a batch of emails!).

If you ride single track anywhere from agawam to wendell, from Goshen to Amherst and all points in between in our fair valley, and you like what you ride, hope it stays there for ever and hope such riding opportunities continue to expand-please consider following the link below and renewing or beginning your NEMBA membership fr the Pioneer Valley chapter:


That's it! We really appreciate the membership of any and every single person who proudly spins two wheels on dirt (and yes, for the unicycling hard-cores-one wheel as well!).

Anyone have any Ideas, suggestions, complaints, related to access, riding,NEMBA, etc (or even if you just want to meet up for a ride) send them to me.

Ther Kona adventure series ride returns to Wendell July 12 (with NEW trails!)