• 02-11-2013
    Places to ride around Springfield/I91
    Recently moved to the Springfield area from the North Shore area. Just looking to get some information on where the best places to ride around Springfield are. Thanks.
  • 02-12-2013
    Do you mean interstate 91? Try the NEMBA pioneer valley website.
  • 02-12-2013
    Places to ride around Springfield/I93
    Tons of riding to be had! Batchelor st, trails in granby ma, earls trails on the other side of 116, and lots more.

    Try hooking up with a local bike shop, I ride and race with family bike in agawam.
  • 02-12-2013
    SofaKing Fast
    Robinson State Park

    By Bill Boles


    430 North Street, Agawam 413-786-2877

    Easy:50%, Moderate:35%, Difficult:4%, Caution:1%


    Robinson State Park is the one of the most enjoyable places to ride in south central Massachusetts. Robinson's 800+ acres offer a diversity of trails ranging from smooth fast flowing singletracks to slightly technical trails. What you'll remember most though are the miles of smooth fast trails. Robinson's location is responsible for this. It's located beside the Westfield River and much of the park consists of a series of drumlins. These drumlins were dropped there by the last glacier and the soil that makes them up contains few stones. Hence, the smooth fast trails.

    Check out the MAP to get a feel for Robinson's unique topography. After you've explored Robinson you'll notice that some trails aren't on the map. But you won't get lost. A GPS tracing from a recent Blue Grove Charity Ride gives one a better feel for the park's tral network.

    As you ride you'll also notice that a lot of very professional trailwork has been done. Volunteers from Pioneer Valley NEMBA and the Friends of Robinson State Park working with the Park's staff are responsible for this. Expect to discover over 20 miles of trails at Robinson.

    Some of Robinson's trails are located high above the Westfield River where you'll see kayaks and canoes in warmer weather. Bring your camera. You'll be able to take pictures here that will convince anyone that they were in the backwoods of Maine or Vermont. Not just a few miles from the center of Springfield.


    DCR Page Friends of Robinson State Park

    From exit 4 on the Massachusetts Turnpike head south on Route 91. Take route 57 heading west to Route 187 heading north. Turn right on North Street and follow the signs to the Park's entrance.

    Nearby NEMBA Chapters and Shops
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  • 02-12-2013
    Hahaha, yes! I'm so used to saying 93 or 95! I'll take a look at that.
  • 02-16-2013
    Places to ride around Springfield/I91
    Robinson has very nice trails and fast and flowy trails. I haven't ridden all of them yet. Bachelor st. Has tons of riding has more rock features. Earls by 116 has some really nice single track riding. I'm near the Springfield area