As many know, mountain bikers have different names for Trails & Locations in Lynn Woods then listed on the ?Official Trail Map?. After discussing this matter with Park Management, they have agreed to create a Trail Network map using the names that mountain bikes are familiar with. Examples of this would be listing Spacemonkey, Acapulco and the 180 Trail Loop.

Park Management feels that this is a necessary step to aid Lynn Fire and Rescue on Trail Locations in Lynn Woods. During last years riding season, three (3) separate incidents involving injured mountain bikers resulted in lengthily rescues. This was mainly due to the fact Lynn Fire and Rescue did not know where the injured bikers were located since the location (biker?s Trail name) was not on the ?Official Trail Map?.

This is going to be the first steps in documenting and creating a new Lynn Woods Trail map for all users. The map will be created for specific use by the Lynn Fire and Rescue. This map will also be listed on when it becomes available. The official release of a new Trail map will be a long process as it awaits approval by City Officials; but this is the first step for us mountain bikers to get on the map!

So here is the deal, I am pushing this matter through. I ride in Lynn Wood a lot, but do not know all the biker trail names and locations. Please e-mail me or PM me with information regarding local biker trail names and fun stop areas (on the trail network) in Lynn Woods.