On Saturday May 16 the second 2009 Lynn Woods trail project was completed with great success. It was a beautiful day for trail work and we had a number of dedicated volunteers who attended to get the job done. Saturday was a continuation (Phase 3) of repairing and reconditioning Overlook Trail. We are happy to say more work was completed then originally planned for this project!

The top of Overlook Trail near Overlook Crag was the site of our trail work. We re-routed a 200 foot section of trail near Overlook Crag on the downward run towards the Great Frog Boulder. 10 volunteers worked with lightening speed to clear and mark this new trail re-route that was heavily over grown with trees. We completed this task within 2 hours leaving us plenty of time to armor some soft sections and close off the original trail with plenty of deadfall.

This new re-route is packed with a bunch of natural technical features. Some features include rock rollers, rock berms and a large boulder wall ride! The trail thread is still soft and many of the technical features are not 100% complete, but the trail is open and ride able. We will be out during the summer months monitoring and finishing up the technical features as required.

As usually, this was another large project and everyone worked hard to get the job done. I want to extend my personal thanks to each individual (listed below) that helped complete this project. The amount of work completed by the volunteers was backbreaking, but the end result was fantastic! I look forward to see everyone again in future trail builds and or maintenance projects.

Simon - Somerville, Pete - Lynn, Carol - Somerville, Kevin Lynn, Tina G. Lynn, Kerri Medford, Nate Lynnfield, Tina D. Lynn, Frank Lynn & Chris.

Trail work pictures on our website: