Many who ride the technical side (North Side) of Lynn Woods use the fire road (OX PASTURE ROAD) as an access way to most trails. Certain locations of this road are in need of major repair. The Park Management is working with the City DPW services to facilitate the repair of this road from the Baseball Field parking lot to the Lynnfield Power lines.

The City of Lynn has agreed to supply both labor and equipment for this project and begin work this year; however, donations are required for material. The following organizations are accepting donations for this project:

- The Friends of Lynn Woods (Contact Number 781-593-7773)
- Park Ranger (Contact 781-477-7123)
- NEMBA is involved and is expected to donate for this cause.

The repair of OX PASTURE ROAD is critical to facilitate maintenance and repair of the trail network on the North Side of Lynn Woods. Currently it is difficult to bring tools, material and emergency vehicles out to any given trail section.

Donations of any amount will be appreciated. Please contact the above organizations for more information.