I figured some you southern Mass guys might want to take advantage of this ride.

I'm leading a NEMBA "Big Ride" on Sunday June 7th at 9:00 at Shenipsit/Soapstone.

I've done a few long mile epics, but this one will be different. The plan is to do 20 miles or so, both North and South of 190 - though concentrating on the Southern part. On past long rides the tougher sections and longer hills were avoided considering the distances to be covered, that won't be the case on this ride. We're doing the climbs (and the descents), we're hitting the technical tougher sections - some twice. While a lot of it will be familar to people who have ridden Snip, I'm sure we'll hit a few sections that you haven't ridden before.

I'm looking for a leader for a "B" group, if that works out everyone is welcome, if not, well its up to you... :

All that said, Snip is far from pristine riding - there's a lot of a MX blow out stuff, but we're going to hit that too. No excuses, no whining.


(BTW - I'm also leading a Big Ride in Bigelow in October - more on that later - I'm going to try and keep that one from being the big Cluster F*** like it was last year!)