• 02-08-2013
    2/8/13: Nemo storm - Fat biking
    Who's going out tomorrow after the storm?

  • 02-09-2013
    I was watching channel 7 news on the storm, and as the reporter was saying how deserted Boston was, 4 guys on fat bikes go cruising behind him. Perfect timing. Looks fun
  • 02-09-2013
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  • 02-09-2013
    if i had one i def would
  • 02-10-2013
    Jealous. Don't think my 29 x 2.4 tires would cut in 2.5 ft of snow.
  • 02-11-2013
    Trails need some foot traffic/ snowshoe first. And some freeze /thaw.
  • 02-11-2013
    With 4 seasons of fatbiking under my belt, I've found that anything over 7'' of powder is nearly impossible to break trail in. For Nemo, several rounds of snowshoeing by a group of people would be necessary to get a good base. Now with the rain and warmer day temps this week it mite not take as many passes to pack it down. However if one person hikes through without snowshoes on an already semi-packed snowshoe trail in warmer conditions will ruin it pretty fast, especially if it freezes after. I have also found that if a trail get snowshoed then ridden in good with the FAT tires, makes for some amazing groomed singletrack-if it stays cold.

    That being said all snow is different every time it seems like and there are a lot of factors that make it easier or harder to ride in. There is a learning curve just like everything else.

  • 02-12-2013
    always wanted one
  • 03-04-2013
    I haven't seen any fat tracks in my area, although I saw someone out near Wrentham on one during the fall.

    What is it like crossing a stream with one of those? Will you float away?