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    Spensin' clicker settings MV 5.7 '10?

    New to the MV and I'm wondering about how many clicks out I should go on the RP2 and F Series fork?
    I weigh 210lbs..

    PSI front is aboot 40% and out back is like 90% of body weight.


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    The Fox manuals are online at the Fox website. They are very much worth reading.

    Understand that the air pressure is not the goal but rather an interesting side note to the actual setting which is suspension sag. For the RP2 that would be .5". Even this is not the ultimate goal. The goal is a ride (suspension performance) that works for you. Nobody on this side of the screen can really tell you the exact settings to achieve that, but the guidelines will get you started in the right direction.

    This is a snippet from the 2009 manual discussing rebound adjustments on the RP2.

    Adjusting Rebound
    Rebound controls the rate at which your shock returns after it has been compressed. The proper rebound setting is a personal preference, and changes with rider weight, riding style and conditions. A rule of thumb is that rebound should be as fast as possible without kicking back and pushing the rider off the saddle.
    The rebound knob has 8-10 clicks of adjustment.
    For slower rebound, turn the red adjuster knob clockwise.
    For faster rebound, turn the red adjuster knob counterclockwise.

    For the front fork, sag will be 3/4" - 1 1/4", as indicated from the excellent Fox manual. Again, pressure is a starting point and a guideline, not the goal and the amount of sag is a reference point you'll use for fine tuning later.

    Here's what worked for me: Set the sag based on the guidelines in the Fox manual. For the front fork I chose a middle of the road range of 1" sag. I set rebound at 6 clicks which is one half the adjustment range. I set the rear shock for a measured half of one inch and the rebound again middle of the adjustment range.

    The average settings seem to be pretty close to spot on for me and are probably your best starting point as Fox suggests. I may experiment with a few small adjustments here shortly.
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    Usually people run way below Fox recommended pressures. I'm 160 lbs and run 50 psi. Can't remember the sag. Probably about 25 to 30%. Just run enough pressure so the fox doesn't bottom out on the biggest drop offs you run and wallow in the corners. They are very sensitive to pressure. 5 psi makes a big difference so you have to experiment. If you can't get full travel remove all pressure from air side then drain nearly all oil above the air piston[ you don't need fox's 5ml]. At the same time undo cartridge side and release trapped air above the oil then re-tighten. Then re-inflate air side. The little bit of air above the oil makes the fork ramp up too much at the top of the travel. I run between 7 and 9 clicks rebound just depends on the size of my tires and terrain.

    The rear end run about 0.95 psi / lb body weight. 12.5 mm sag seems to work best. Too low and it will actually get harsher because it runs in the zone where the linkage and air in the shock combine to ramp the shock up at the end of it's travel. you will probably never get full travel out of the rear. Don't worry about it. It's quality travel you are getting. Don't try and dampen out rear end rebound in the shock. If you run too much rebound you will notice you loose the crisp feel of the rear. i run max half way 4 clicks.
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