New shock = new bike

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  • 11-19-2012
    New shock = new bike
    For the last several months, the ride on my AT has been harsh, and just kinda shitty. The back end has felt harsh and 'wallowy.'(it's a new word, look it up.)

    Well, turns out that for the last few months, the shock was blown. I sent it to Fox and they told me it was cavitated. Now that is a fun word! That means that the air and the oil had mixed, which is no bueno for el shocko.

    They fixed that bastard up, and now, the good ole' AT is singing! It's so smooth again, and just a pleasure to ride, and the best thing (my wife appreciates this) is that this extended it's life by at least another year or so.
  • 11-23-2012
    That's the thing, when something, i.e. a shock, starts to fail over an extended period of time, you never really notice the drop in performance until it hits a critical level. Good to hear you got your bike back to the condition it should be in:thumbsup:
  • 11-23-2012
    I had that same problem on a new takeoff fleabay shock. Had a rebound topping out noise and no rebound or compression damping near the top off the stroke.Night and day after a rebuild.