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    my 2009 mt vision 650 conversion

    I bought this frame last year and built it up with some new and old school parts. Just recently I fit up a set of 650b wheels and I'm lovin it. So for anyone wondering 650b fits the rear however it will rub on bottom out. I let all the air out of the shock and the tire rubs at about 47-48 mm out of 50 mm shock stroke so its very little. BB height is just under 13" and didn't noticeably alter standover height. So if you were wondering if it worked the answer is yes.
    my 2009 mt vision 650 conversion-20141019_161825.jpg
    my 2009 mt vision 650 conversion-20141019_161845.jpg

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    CoM looks kind of high, but great clearance. Enjoy!

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    I've got about 50 miles on the new setup and its great. Definitely need a dropper post for steep decents and leaning deep into corners but even without one its a screamer. Center of gravity is a lil higher but still very playful, I haven't really had it airborne yet though.the only downer is with a quasi moto tire os hit the seat tube at 104.6 mm of rear travel. So you do lose travel but since it ramps up torward the end I upeed the shock pressure by 13 psi and no bottom outs.

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