i have an old 05 east peak that was just about on its last leg.had updated it a couple times with some nice parts here and there but just got to the point where i would be throwing more money at an old bike.

found a 2009 Mount Vision 5.7(all white)that seems like a very nice bike but have yet to get a chance to ride it in my local trails because of rain.will post up what i think when i do.

couple things do concern me.right now on my opld bike i have a 140mm vanilla which makes for a very slack head angle which honestly has done wonders for my riding but the new bike seems noticably steeper.i will try it a coyuple times and see what i think.

also bike isnt to light,weighed in at 31.04 lbs.i am sure once i change the tires and stans it will lighten it up quite a bit.