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    Lynskey Pro 650 b

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    If it was a med it would be long gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eischman View Post
    I still can't believe nobody has jumped on this deal!
    XL probably has those size riders looking over in the 29" bikes. You know, caught up in the "you're too short to ride a 29, too tall to ride a 650" jibberish.

    Looks like a great deal, warranty and all.
    Wait,who did he tell you that?....

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    I've been resistant to "buy now" but its getting more difficult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ View Post
    I've been resistant to "buy now" but its getting more difficult.
    Do it!

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    I am selling because I need a large. I have two 29ers and have decided a 650 would be better for the local trails and more technical mnt trails which are tighter and require constant acceleration. I road a 650 at a demo and jumped on the Lynskey because the weight is close to the lightest carbon and I trust the durability much more.......and a lifetime warranty....and at the cost of carbon (I had my 29er replaced for free when it was their first model and made way too light....I have seen all the changes to strengthen the week areas over the years)

    I would love to see the shape of a 5 yr old carbon vs 5 yr old ti frame....definitely would not buy a 5 yr old carbon so the Ti will hold value

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