hey there,

I own(well my dad does... I do all the maintenance/mechanics on it..) a 2003 Tomac 98 special with the stock truvativ cranks/BB.

Has anyone else experience extremely tight cranks? I just CANNOT get the cranks off! For the non-drive side I managed to remove the crank bolt without too much fuss, but my crankpuller will not make that thing budge!

As for the drive side... that bolt will NOT come out! It is now actually stripped so it looks like it will have ot be drilled.

Just wondering what other peoples experiences are?

BTW.. i got this bike brand new mid-2004. It has barely been ridden, so the chance of the crank bolts/cranks cold forigng them selves is very unlikely. Although i do have the feeling the people at tomac never greased it.

Thanks to all those that can give me some answers