I know no little about the Niota other than the web research I've done. I'm in the market for a new frame and and the Niota AL has caught my eye. On paper it looks like it will suit my needs quite nicley but I've read very little in the way of reviews on it. by todays 'standards' i'm pretty much a straight "All Mountain" guy. I ride alot of NE rooty , rocky and twisty single track and like to jump and drop but am not a freerider. I prefer to keep my bike reasonably light b/c one group I ride with is pretty fast and logs some pretty decent milage in a day. A "snappy" ride is very important to me if that makes sense. I like the steeper HT angle of the Niota for example.

I might also add that I'm leaning more towards a Titus Motolite at the moment... So now your chance to sway me